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Dutroux’s wife was’a bullied wreck’

11 May 2004

BRUSSELS – The ex-wife of suspected Belgian child murderer Marc Dutroux was an emotional wreck who was utterly crushed by her domineering husband, the jury in Dutroux’s trial was told on Tuesday.

Witnesses who knew the couple told how Dutroux continually abused and insulted Michelle Martin, his ex-wife.

“Michelle Martin was dominated by her husband,” said a former neighbour.

“It was degrading. She had become a wreck and no longer reacted to anything. She was so down-trodden that she couldn’t even protect her own children,” she added. 

Other witnesses painted a similar picture.

Another neighbour recounted how Dutroux used to shout at his wife if she did not do things fast enough while a third remembered that the suspected child killer prevented Martin from seeing a gynaecologist when she was pregnant with their first child.

One of Martin’s former school friends told of his anger at Dutroux’s attitude to women in general and to his wife in particular.

Martin is standing trial alongside Dutroux, Belgian businessman Michel Nihoul and Michel Lelievre, a former Dutroux accomplice.

Dutroux is accused of kidnapping six girls and murdering four of them.

He is also accused of murdering an accomplice called Bernard Weinstein.

The trial continues.

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