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Dutroux’s ex applies for leave

15 June 2007

BRUSSELS – The ex wife of Marc Dutroux, Michèle Martin, does not want to be released from prison at the moment, but has requested leave. She had to appear in court in Charleroi on Thursday.

Sabine Dardenne, one of Dutroux’s victims, was in the courtroom. She appeared relaxed and was smiling, but when asked whether she objected to Martin’s release, her answer was clear: “Yes I object. She should never be released.”

The hearing did not take very long. The lawyer representing Laetitia Delhez, another victim, also spoke. He reminded the court that Laetitia and her mother want above all to know the truth about the kidnapping. Michèle Martin listened attentively but refused to answer any questions. Martin’s lawyer said she was not requesting to be released at the moment, but does want leave.

On 26 April an initial hearing in the case was held. Martin, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison, had to appear in court because she had now served one third of her sentence. The lawyers of Sabine and Laetitia had not been officially notified about the hearing and therefore had requested that it be postponed.

The court also heard the director of the prison in Namur where Martin is being held, the grandparents of Julie Lejeune and the parents of Anl Marchal. The court will announce its decision on 21 June.

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