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Dutroux trial could cost EUR 4.6 million

Published on 17/02/2004

17 February 2004

BRUSSELS – The long-awaited trial of suspected Belgian child murderer Marc Dutroux, which opens in the city of Arlon next month, could cost taxpayers over EUR 4.5 million, Belgian Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx said on Tuesday.

 Around 1,300 journalists are expected to descend on Arlon for the trial as well as countless angry members of the public.

Onkelinx said 300 Belgian gendarmes had received special training so that they could put in place a tight security cordon around Arlon courthouse.

Dutroux was arrested in 1996 and charged with the rape and murder of several young girls.

The affair traumatised the Belgian public, revealed monumental levels of police bungling and sparked accusations of top-level corruption and cover-ups.

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