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Dutroux injury halts trial

6 April 2004

BRUSSELS – The trial of Marc Dutroux was suspended on Tuesday after the suspected child murderer injured himself by banging his head against a cell wall, the Belgian press reported.

Court proceedings were stopped at 11.30am when Dutroux failed to appear in the accused box. The suspected murderer said he was suffering from a headache and asked to stay in his cell at the Arlon courthouse where he is being tried.

Shortly before 11.30am a security camera in the cell filmed Dutroux deliberately banging his head against the wall.

After the incident Dutroux was examined by a doctor, who said the suspected murderer was fit to stand trial and court proceedings eventually got underway at around midday.

Earlier in the day Dutroux tussled with guards at Arlon prison, the prison authorities have confirmed.

The incident occurred when the suspected child murderer refused to let guards carry out their routine daily search of his cell and his clothing.

This led the guards to restrain Dutroux so they could forcibly search him, the prison authorities said, adding that the guards had used “usual restraining measures, without violence”.

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