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Dutroux complains of prison discrimination

Published on 19/05/2004

19 May 2004

BRUSSELS – Suspected child murderer Marc Dutroux said on Wednesday that he is being discriminated against in the prison where he is being held during his ongoing trial.

Dutroux told the court in the Belgian city of Arlon that he does not have the same prison conditions as one of the men standing trial alongside him.

The convicted rapist said co-defendant Michel Lelievre had a more lenient regime than he did.

Dutroux complained that he was only allowed into the exercise yard for one hour every day, and that he had to exercise alone.

He added that he was not allowed to work and that guards came to check on him every seven-and-a-half minutes.

“It’s a discrimination,” said Dutroux.

The former director of Arlon prison, Alain Fonck, told the court that Dutroux had consistently been a manipulative and demanding prisoner.

He added that on several occasions the convicted rapist had put excrement behind the radiator in his cell.

“It was to let Mr. Fonck know what I thought of him,” said Dutroux.

Dutroux is accused of kidnapping six girls and murdering four of them.

He is also accused of murdering a former accomplice.

The trial continues.

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