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Dutroux co-defendant bids for liberty

28 April 2005

BRUSSELS – One of Belgian child killer Marc Dutroux’s co-defendants is applying for an electronic tag in a bid for an early release from prison.

Michel Nihoul, who stood trial alongside Dutroux, Dutroux’s ex wife Michelle Martin and the murderer’s accomplice Michel Lelievre, was cleared of involvement in the rapes and murders Dutroux was found guilty of.

However, he was sentenced to five years in prison for drug smuggling, people trafficking and dealing in stolen cars and false papers.

On Thursday, the Belgian media reported that Nihoul’s lawyer Frederic Clement de Clety has introduced a legal application for an electronic bracelet.

“He is no more than the shadow of himself,” said Clement de Clety. “His hair is quite white and he struggles with his words.”

In February, Nihoul became eligible for prison leave but until now he has always been refused the privilege.

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