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Dutchman not to contest Belgian extradition

Published on 12/08/2005

12 August 2005

AMSTERDAM — A convicted killer who was arrested in Brussels on Wednesday may be returned to the Netherlands next week.

Dutchman Marciano Ernst, 34, told the public prosecutor on Friday that he will not contest the Dutch request for his extradition, the website for newspaper ‘De Morgen’ reported.

“He can however continue to reflect on this so long as he is on Belgian territory,” prosecutor’s spokesman Jean-Marc Meilleur explained to the newspaper.

If Ernst was to change his mind he would have to appear before a judge within 15 days. The Dutchman was remanded in custody on Thursday pending his extradition.

Ernst arrested by Belgian police when he sought a loan of money from the Dutch embassy in Brussels.

He received a two-year jail sentence and a compulsory TBS hospitalisation order in 1997 for the manslaughter of his ex-girlfriend’s new partner.

He ran off when he was being led from one building to another at a clinic in the Dutch town of Halsteren last Thursday.

Police published his photograph and name, warning he could be dangerous when not on medication to suppress delusions he suffers from.

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