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Dog “turns away” job applicant

Published on 08/06/2007

8 June 2007

BRUSSELS – A Nigerian man who applied for a job at an iron working company in the town of Huizingen was rejected because the employer’s dog “does not tolerate people with a dark skin colour.” The employer wrote a letter to the applicant informing him of this.

The man did not even get a chance to interview at the company. He was invited for an interview, but was turned away at the entrance to the business premises.

The director of the iron working business confirms the incident. “When the man arrived, my dog started jumping against the fence. He does that whenever a black person walks by.”

The director denies his rejection of the man was driven by racism. He also refuses to get rid of his dog. “I have had this dog for five years. I’m not going to get rid of him for a job applicant who I am not even certain has a chance of staying on.”

The Belgian trade union ABVV said the case is a “blatant example of racism.” The union says it will be taking legal action.

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