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Dermatologists battle skin cancer

6 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgium is to again join a pan-European campaign against skin cancer, it emerged on Friday.

The country will be one of 14 taking part in Euro Melanoma on 30 May – a day when leading Belgian dermatologists offer free skin checks. Last year, 380 joined the initiative.

The specialists will analyse patients’ moles in an effort to detect early signs of the development of melanoma.

This year, the seventh time the awareness-raising day has been run, the theme will be: “Sun doesn’t just harm on the beach”, with the emphasis on highlighting the need to take precautions such as using sun cream even outside holidays.

Every year, some 700 new cases of melanoma are recorded on Belgium’s National Cancer Register. Dermatologists say the actual number of victims is likely to be higher than that since the register only includes cases where the patient had to be hospitalised and skin cancer is usually treated by day visits to clinics.

Experts say the real figure could be nearer to between 1-1,200 people.

For more information, phone 070.225.025 or see www.procms.be/euromelanoma

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