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Delinquent escaped from facility

Published on 18/04/2007

18 April 2007

BRUSSELS – The aggressive student who attacked the headmaster at the technical institute Cousot in Dinant in January this year has been allowed to leave the closed psychiatric centre where he is being held on several occasions.

Even worse, it appears he regularly is allowed special treatment that was not sanctioned by the court.

The 16-year-old escaped from the Titeca psychiatric centre in Schaarbeek on Sunday but was found a few hours later. An investigation by the public prosecution department in Dinant indicates that the adolescent, who suffers from serious mental problems and is regarded as dangerous, is regularly allowed to leave the facility with his parents.

Le Soir reports that patients interned at the Titeca facility often manage to get out of the centre for some time by exiting via the visitors’ entrance. The public prosecutor in Dinant says this is extremely worrying.

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