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Delhaize left with egg on its face

21 May 2004

BRUSSELS – Supermarket giant Delhaize had to apologise to customers after 200,000 of its eggs were found to be contaminated, it was reported Friday.

A check by the Federal Agency for the Security of the Food Chain found some free-range eggs from Delhaize’s own brand contained up to six times the normal amount of PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyls) – a mixture of chemical compounds which collect in the air and have been linked to the development of some cancers.

Eggs bearing the codes 1BE10611, 1BE10612, 1BE10613, 1BE10614 or 1-3826 were immediately banned from sale and shoppers were asked to return any they had bought to their supermarket for a refund.

Delhaize set up the freephone number 0800 95 71 to give further information to worried consumers. However, many complained they could not get through on Ascension Day Thursday.

Delhaize spokeswoman Catherine Alexandre said the supermarket was awaiting the results of testing by the food agency before taking possible action against the supplier.

Experts say consumers who have eaten the eggs have little to fear since previous batches of eggs were unaffected. There is only a risk to health if a person is exposed to abnormal levels of PCB over a sustained length of time.

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