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Home News Damme Burgomaster in fatal road accident

Damme Burgomaster in fatal road accident

Published on 02/05/2014

The accident happened around 8pm last night in the Weststraat in Moerkerke.

Mr Bisschop lost control of his Porsche, with the vehicle ending up in a ditch.

There was no other vehicle involved in the crash, and it is still unclear how the accident could happen.

The Burgomaster died on the spot. His partner could be saved by emergency services, but she died later in hospital.

Dirk Bisschop had a long track record in Damme politics, becoming a council member for the Christian democrats of CD&V in 1989.

In 2000, he won the local elections and became the new Mayor.

As the number two on the list, he picked up more votes than the number one, the Flemish MP Joachim Coens.

Mr Bisschop enjoyed a lot of respect in Damme.

"We will remember him as someone who had a close bond with his people", a press release says.

A couple of years ago, the Mayor was in the national news when the Court of Cassation argued he could not be held responsible for a fatal road accident in his municipality because of poor visibility.

The family of the victim had taken legal action against him, arguing the place where the accident happened was not well illuminated with floodlights. / Expatica