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Couple tried to force miscarriage

1 March 2007

BRUSSELS – The investigating magistrate in Ghent arrested a couple and their son on Monday on suspicion of keeping a pregnant woman captive and assaulting and battering her in an attempt to cause her to miscarry.

The family mistreated the pregnant girlfriend of the son for several hours in hopes of causing a miscarriage.

The public prosecution department in Ghent has confirmed this.

The couple was not happy that the girlfriend, a 29-year-old woman of Moroccan descent, had become pregnant by their son. They locked the woman, three months pregnant, in their home in Bassevelde, a submunicipality of Assenede.

The woman reports she was beaten and kicked. She was also subjected to electrical shocks from an electric prod for cattle.

The woman managed to escape last Sunday and go to the police. She was admitted to hospital. The woman and foetus are in relatively good condition.

The three suspects have given confessions. They will appear before the court in Ghent on Friday, which will decide whether they will be kept in custody any longer.

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