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Couple arrested in Spain over baby’s death

Published on 25/07/2006

25 July 2006

BRUSSELS — Two Belgians were arrested in Barcelona after a dead baby was found in their hotel room, Catalan police said on Tuesday.

The two suspects have been identified as the mother and father of the deceased child.

The body of the baby was found on Monday afternoon in the hotel room of the couple, identified as Katrien H., 32, and Wim V., 33.

The baby was found in a waste-paper basket covered with bloodied towels.

Police said Katrien H. lost a lot of blood during the birth and was in a critical condition on Monday. She is now out of danger.

Barcelona police are investigating whether the baby was a newborn child or a foetus.

Inquiries will also be conducted to determine whether the baby was a stillborn.

The mother was arrested because she allegedly made contradictory statements, denying that she was pregnant.

The couple has three other children. They have been placed under the care of child protection authorities of the Catalan government.

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