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Con artist swindles illusionist and 400 fans

Published on 21/12/2004

21 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Fans of the illusionist Dani Lary were left high and dry when they turned up for a magic show in Brussels which never existed.

Stephane Coszack  tricked some 400 people into buying tickets for the supposed shows on the 18, 19, 20 December.

The trickster was already wanted by the courts for another crime and is still on the run.

Coszack had advertised the magic show throughout the city and even said it would be televised by France 2.

Companies that were due to provide catering, beer and stewards for the events were also left out of pocket.

Coszack used a mobile number and sold tickets out of an office at 56 Quai aux Briques, near Place Sainte-Catherine.

Spectators paid between EUR 30 and 42 each.

The scam is believed to have made Coszack some EUR 25,000.

Spectators only realised they had been tricked when they turned up to the supposed venue – the Brussels Event Brewery (BEB) at 58 Rue Delaunnoy, in Molenbeek.

Many fans banded together to contract a lawyer in a bid to get their money back.

But it was the illusionist himself who instigated a police inquiry into the con.

Lary travelled from Lyon to make a complaint with the Brussels police.

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