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Compensation for late trains

Published on 24/04/2007

24 April 2007

BRUSSELS – About 1,500 train travellers applied for compensation from the NMBS transport company because of delayed trains, according to NMBS data. “Just over 1,000 complaints were justified,” says Marc Descheemaecker, director of the NMBS.

There were far fewer requests than the company anticipated.

If a particular train is delayed 15 minutes or more 25 times in six months then the traveller can receive a refund of 10 percent of his ticket price or part of their monthly or yearly ticket. Anyone who has had to wait two hours for a train is refunded half of their ticket price.

The railway company has offered travellers the opportunity to apply for this compensation since 1 September 2006. Many people tried to get a refund based on delays that do not meet the refund regulations.

Travellers whose complaints were justified and met the requirements can expect their refund, in the form of vouchers, in the next few days. The NMBS is paying out more than EUR 10,000 in compensation.

From 1 January 2008 the NMBS wants to change the regulation so that travellers who have waited for 60 minutes will be eligible for the maximum compensation, which is currently only available to those who had delays of 120 or more at the moment.

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