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“Community service for all youth”

Published on 12/04/2007

12 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Flemish minister president Yves Leterme (Flemish Christian Democrats CD&V) wants to give all willing young people a chance to do community service. “But it will not be compulsory,” Laterme says.

“Doing something for the community can be educational,” Leterme says. “It is a way to build bridges between the individual experience of young people and what is going on in society. This can help them see the importance of respecting rules for instance.”

Leterme says it would be unfortunate if the community service projects became exclusively an alternative penalty for young people who had gotten into trouble. “All young people should be able to try it because it is very valuable.”

The minister president wants to advertise the variety of community service projects to young people via education, youth groups and other organisations.

“We are not going to make community service compulsory, or organise or direct it from Brussels,” he added. “Community service should be voluntary, otherwise it doesn’t work.”

Leterme announced his proposal during a debate on senseless violence.

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