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Civil List to follow health index

21 November 2008

In future the civil list will rise in line with Belgium’s health index. The civil list sets out how much cash King Albert and a number of members of the royal family receive from the public purse.

The health index is a modified version of the retail price index. The index is used to determine public sector wages and benefits in Belgium.

It takes account of price rises on the high street, but ignores price increases of products that are bad for you or the environment.

These include cigarette and petrol prices.

Until now the civil list was increased in line with the retail price index and King Albert got a higher pay increase than many of his subjects.

At the weekend it emerged that King Albert was getting a 6% increase in 2009 triggering a shower of criticism.

It is unclear whether King Albert’s lower wage increase will lead to any belt-tightening at the Palace or at Laken Castle.

(flandersnews.be/Expatica 2008)