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Christmas tree clear up

5 January 2005

BRUSSELS – With the festive season over, Brussels households can rid themselves of their old Christmas trees this coming Friday.

The Belgian authorities have organised this clear up and recycling of old pine trees this weekend.

Trees can be left out on the pavement from 6.00 pm on Friday and will be collected on Saturday and Sunday.

Tree owners have been asked to remove all decorations first as this would interfere with the recycling operation. Old decorations can be thrown out in the white rubbish bags.

The tree clear-up first began in 1994, when 72 tonnes were recycled, and has grown in popularity to produce the 2004 figure of 240 tonnes.

Spokesman Dominique Degrave said the quantity averages at around 200 to 220 tonnes, but it depends on how many trees were bought and the time of the collection.

More than 160 collectors and around 50 lorries will be involved in this weekend’s operation.

The collected trees will be made into compost in specially equipped installations in the aptly-named Forest district of Brussels.

The compost centre recycled more than 15 000 tonnes of garden waste in 2004.

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