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Christmas costs Belgians EUR 1,078

Published on 20/12/2005

20 December 2005

BRUSSELS — The Christmas period costs a Belgian household on average EUR 1,078, but festive season spending will remain relatively unchanged, declining by just 1 percent this year.

Based on a Deloitte survey of 400 Belgians, half of the money (EUR 634) that a household will spend this Christmas will be spent on presents.

Other large expenditures are food and drinks (EUR 214), going out (EUR 101), decorations (EUR 77) and charities (EUR 52).

The Belgian consumer is becoming increasingly a ‘last minute shopper’, with more than a 5th of respondents planning to delay a large amount of present shopping to benefit from discounts of more than 20 percent.

The top five most desired and given presents remain relatively stable. However, CDs, DVDs and videos are increasingly in popularity each year.

Some 36 percent of respondents would like to receive a travel gift, but only 6 percent intend to give such a gift.

Belgians are very price conscious when deciding which store to shop in. The relationship between price and quality remains the most important factor.

Large supermarket chains such as Carrefour and Makro and specialty shops such as electronics, toys or sports stores (Decathlon and Fnac) can anticipate large crowds.

More than 60 percent of respondents plan to spend most of their Christmas present money in one of those stores.

More than 60 percent also said they bought something online last year. However, just 30 percent will use the internet to buy a Christmas present.

Instead, the net is primarily used at Christmas to gain product information and to compare prices.

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