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Chopped up ‘canal murder’ victim identified say police

Published on 18/05/2005

18 May 2005

BRUSSELS – The murder victim whose body was found chopped up in a canal near Brussels’ port has been identified.

On Wednesday, ‘La Derniere Heure’ reported that the body parts found around a fortnight ago are probably those of 50-year-old Daniel Verdoy, from Anderlecht, who was reported missing on 24 April.

The federal police are still awaiting the results of some additional tests, but the magistrate’s court told the press there was little doubt that the eight human parts fished out of the river on 30 April, 2 and 5 May were those of Verdoy.

Investigators believe Verdoy left his flat in Chaussee de Mons on a Saturday afternoon, on 23 April.

He didn’t take his coat, which police believe means he didn’t mean to stay out long, but he took his wallet and his Nokia mobile phone.

Since Verdoy had lived alone for the last five years after separating from his girlfriend, no one noticed him missing on Saturday night.

However, on Sunday, he was due to have lunch with his parents and didn’t show up. Later in the evening, they became worried and contacted his ex-girlfriend, who was still friendly with Verdoy.

She contacted the police.

Eight days later, firemen fished out part of a pelvis from the canal. Then across 6km they found ankles, forearms, hands and a head. So far, only the feet of Verdoy have not been found.

Verdoy’s eldest sister Liliane always believed that the body parts belonged to her brother, however, the family kept hoping for the best, since the police initially thought the victim was aged 25-30 and had fair – not brown – hair.

An autopsy by Doctor Paul Van Kerkem showed that Verdoy might have been strangled and beaten. Police are looking for two suspects.

Family and friends say before his death, Verdoy had been suffering from depression and had started to neglect himself. He had stopped shaving or cutting his hair and had lost a lot of weight.

However, they do not think he had any enemies.

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