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Children not deported after holiday

Published on 02/04/2007

2 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Children may not be deported between the Easter holiday and the end of the school year. The federal minister for home affairs Patrick Dewael (Open VLD) and the Flemish government came to an agreement to this effect, says Flemish MP Ludo Sannen (Socialist-Left wing SP.A-Spirit). He is insisting that Dewael keep this agreement.

The MP was referring to an intervention by the Flemish education minister Frank Vandenbroucke (SP.A), who confirmed in the Flemish Parliament on 15 February 2006 that agreements between Dewael and the Flemish government had been put down in writing.

The agreement includes that children may not be taken out of school between Easter and the summer holiday. Children who have made an effort so far must also be given the opportunity to take exams and receive a transcript of marks or a diploma. It was also agreed that children will not be picked up by authorities at the school gates or in the classroom.

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