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Child rescued from hot parked car

Published on 18/07/2005

18 July 2005

BRUSSELS — Police have rescued a young child from a parked car after the pre-schooler became unwell in the weekend heat.

The mother of the child, aged four or five, left the child in the car while she did some shopping on Saturday afternoon.

The car was parked in blazing sunlight in a shopping car park on the Leuvensesteenweg in Boortmeerbeek.

And the temperature in the car had risen to more than 35 degrees Celsius by the time police arrived, newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reported on Monday.

Shop staff had alerted police after seeing the profusely sweating child vomit.

The mother, from Kampenhout, was found soon after in a shop, but was ruled not to have had wrongful intentions.

Police officers issued the woman a stern warning, but took no further action.

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