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Child-killer Dutroux in court again for car theft

Published on 11/04/2005

11 April 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgium’s most infamous criminal, child-killer Marc Dutroux, was in court again on Monday, this time on car theft charges.

Dutroux appeared before the court in the town of Nivelles. He is accused of being part of a criminal gang that regularly stole then resold vehicles.

He is standing trial alongside Georges Zicot, a police officer charged with ‘passive corruption’ for failing to report a stolen lorry hidden in a hangar that Dutroux hired from a man called Gerard Pinon.

Prosecutors say Zicot found out about the lorry from Pinon.

In order to protect his informer, he allegedly moved the vehicle to the public highway, then attached a fake parking ticket to it before informing its original owner where the lorry was.

Six other defendants are also standing trial alongside Dutroux and Zicot.

Four of them were in court on Monday.

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