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Chemical alert closes TNT Belgian depot

17 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Emergency services were scrambled after a parcel leaking toxic substances was found at a  depot operated by international courrier firm TNT near the Belgian town of Bierset, where 80 workers exposed to a chemical powder were sent home to recover.

The powder, which was later identified as tin chloride, was being transported by TNT from the Netherlands to the company Solvay in France.

Employees discovered the parcel was leaking at around 3:30am on Friday at the TNT depot situated close to the motorway between Liege and Namur.

Emergency services were alerted immediately and activated the so-called ‘ White Plan’ emergency plan into action.

The building where the parcel was found was closed and doctors and ambulances were scrambled to the scene where they treated the affected workers for poisoning.

No one was hospitalised although most of the workers were sent home to recover.

Both Solvay and the Dutch firm which sent the product were contacted to detail the contents and help treat those contaminated.

After identifying the contents as tin chloride, Liege firefighters entered the building and neutralised the package with special chemicals.

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