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Charleroi budget flights top Zaventem

Published on 18/07/2005

18 July 2005

BRUSSELS — Charleroi Airport now exceeds Zaventem in terms of the number of budget airline passengers, it was reported on Monday.

There were 22,136 low-price flights at Brussels in 2002, declining to 18,642 last year, French-language newspaper ‘Le Soir’ reported.

There were 10,101 such flights at Charleroi in 2002 and 14,366 two years later.

The number of low-price passengers at Charleroi numbered 1.012 million in 2004, placing Charleroi above Zaventem in terms of the number of budget passengers.

The regional airport reported a 64 percent increase in budget passengers between 2002-04, while Brussels recorded a decline of 12 percent.

However, the newspaper also said the figures are open to interpretation based on the definition of a budget airline.

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