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Carnival in Aalst Crowded

19 February 2007

BRUSSELS — The carnival procession in Aalst attracted  up to 80,000 visitors on Sunday. No accidents have been reported, the federal police told De Standaard.

Thanks to the good weather this year’s show in Aalst went much better than last year, when only 50,000 viewers showed up. This year it was the 79th time that the parade took place.

One of the themes for the carnival wagons was the power struggle between female mayors. Ilse Uyttersprot took over from Anny De Maght last year, after seventeen years.

Members of the royal family, especially Prince Laurent, had also given the participants a lot of inspiration.

19 minors were caught drinking and three people were hospitalised for intoxication. One person fainted. A total of 26 people were provided medical help on the spot.

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