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Cancer in Exchange for Multiple Sclerosis

2 February 2007

BRUSSELS — A private homeopathic clinic in Antwerp has been using stem cells to treat patients with multiple sclerosis and other illnesses, BBC reports.

The use of stem cells, proved to cause cancer, is forbidden in Belgium. Antwerp Prosecutor’s Office have launched an investigation.

Piet Vanthemsche, the head of the Fedreal Health Products Agency, visited the clinic yesterday and said he would keep the prosecutors updated. According to his information, the clinic had indeed broken the law.

The stem cells used in Antwerp came from Rotterdam. The PMC clinic in Rotterdam, headed by Dr. Robert Trossel, had continued their experiments with stem cells, recently outlawed in Holland, by transferring them to Antwerp. Twice a week, PMC ‘s Dr. Aanan took the train the Antwerp carrying his laptop and two containers with stem cells.

The Antwerp clinic had been using stem cells since November 2006. The treatment cost 12,000 euros and involved up to three stem cell injections.

Dr. Trossel would not comment on the subject.

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