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Canada furious at seal-product ban

Published on 19/06/2007

19 June 2007

BRUSSELS – The Canadian minister for fishery Loyola Hearn is outraged at the ban on products containing seal. The ban has been introduced by a number of European countries, including Belgium.

Belgium is following the example of Italy, which introduced an embargo as early as 2005. Belgium followed suit in January 2007. France, Germany and the Netherlands will also most likely pass measures soon to ban the sale of seal.

Loyola Hearn said the ban by the European countries is unheard of. “And we are going to respond to it forcefully,” the Canadian minister threatened. She could not yet say what action her government would take.

“The European Union itself has not imposed a ban. An investigation into the ‘humane-ness’ of seal hunting is still ongoing in Brussels,” she said.

She insists that seal hunting is not inhumane. Moreover it poses no danger to the survival of the species, she said.

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