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Bus strike in Wallonia as 12 cent rise rejected

Published on 26/04/2005

26 April 2005

BRUSSELS – Wallonian bus drivers are set to strike on Friday in a dispute over pay.

The Wallonian bus service, SRWT, has warned passengers that industrial action is all but inevitable as there is no end in sight to a disagreement with unions.

“We will not be able to avoid a strike on Friday because there are people who really want to go ahead with it,” SRWT administrator Jean-Claude Phlypo said.

The strike was called last week by the Socialist, Christian and Liberal Wallonian bus unions.

The more radical Socialist CGSP union has protested that the 1.1 percent salary rise proposed by the SRWT is too small.

This would only represent 12 euro cents more per hour for every bus driver, CGSP union leader Yves Depas said.

But SRWT hit back, saying that the proposal from the umbrella transport body TEC is far more than those working in some private sectors would be offered.

The strike is aimed at putting pressure on the Wallonian government to speed up the renegotiations of its contract with the bus company.

Bus drivers want more reassurances from the authorities that the security of the service will be maintained.

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