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Bus drivers to strike again

10 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Wallonia’s bus drivers are expected to strike again on Wednesday, calling for higher salaries.

Belga news agency reported on Tuesday that the drivers are demanding a pay rise of between 7.3 and 7.9 percent, but Wallonia’s Regional Transport Society, the SRWT, is sticking to its suggested increase of 6 percent.

The drivers also stopped their service on Monday, disrupting the public transit system.

The newspaper ‘La Libre Belgique’ reported that a SRWT document showed 3,300 of the 4,800 bus drivers’ net monthly salaries were between EUR 1,500 and 2,200.

“That’s the proof that the wages of the bus drivers are not so bad compared to other sectors,” said Jean-Marc Vandenbroucke, of the SRWT management.

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