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Brussels unveils street internet terminals

26 May 2004

BRUSSELS – Brussels has unveiled the first of a network of new open air internet terminals it was reported on Thursday.

The new terminal has been opened at Place Fernand Coq in the Ixelles quarter of the city.

Nineteen other terminals will installed at other strategic points around Brussels before the end of next month. 

The robust, weather proof metal and glass terminals have touch sensitive screens that allow passers by to surf their favourite websites even when out and about in town.

Each teminal will also have a Wi-Fi transmitter attached, which will allow anyone with a suitably equipped portable computer to surf the web within a radius of 300 metres around each terminal.

The terminals cost over EUR 1 million to install.

But the Minister President of the Brussels region says he hopes to phase in more of the devices if the current crop of terminals meet with public approval.

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