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Brussels schools expel vending machines

Published on 15/09/2004

15 September 2004

BRUSSELS – Vending machines selling lemonade and sweets will be withdrawn from infant schools in Brussels from 1 January 2005.

Faouzia Hariche, responsible for the city’s Youth and Education policy, said the measures were to be introduced to safeguard children’s health.

A similar plan is on the cards for secondary education schools.

Hariche said the move had been prompted by recent statistics that showed 12 to 16 percent of children were obese.

“Fizzy drinks and sweets are one of the causes,” she said.

The removal of the machines will form part of a bigger plan to provide healthier school meals and the launch of a one week good nutrition campaign.

The city council will replace the vending machines with environmentally-friendly water fountains.

The only exception will be in educational institutions that host night classes for adults who may be coming to class straight from work.

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