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Brussels regional government formed

12 July 2004

BRUSSELS – After a month of negotiations, the shape of the new government for Belgium’s Brussels region was finally agreed on Monday.

The leaders of the new coalition formally signed an agreement setting up the administration shortly before 3 p.m.

The new government brings together the French speaking socialist party (PS), who emerged as the big Brussels winner’s in last month’s regional elections in Belgium, with the French speaking Christian social party (CDH), ecologist party Ecolo, Flemish liberal Democrats VLD-Vivant, Flemish socialists SP.A Spirit and a cartel made up of two right wing parties, the Flemish Christian Democrats (CD&V) and the new Flemish alliance (N.VA).

The new government has unveiled an ambitious programme, which included a pledge to try and once and for all solve the thorny problem of aircraft noise from Belgium’s main international airport at Zaventem just outside Brussels.

But some political analysts were already saying on Monday that the coalition could soon fall apart, bringing together as it does parties from right across the political spectrum.

The announcement of the new Brussels government follows the formation of a new centre-left administration in French speaking Wallonia last week.

There, the PS and CDH will hold power.

Discussions on the shape of the new government for Dutch speaking Flanders are still underway.

The big question in Flanders will be whether or not the far right Vlaams Blok should be allowed into the next administration.

The CD&V-N.VA ticket secured most votes in last month’s elections and its leaders are currently trying to put together a new coalition.

They have made it clear they will not work with the Vlaams Blok but many analysts have questioned the wisdom of their stance.

They point out that the CD&V-N.VA cartel is made up of two parties and that the single party with the highest score in last month’s poll was the Vlaams Blok.

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