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Brussels party for custard pie king

Published on 06/12/2004

6 November 2004

BRUSSELS – A Brussels night-club has thrown a party to back Noel Godin, the celebrated Belgian ‘entarteur’ who is famous for throwing cream pies at “pompous” celebrities and politicians.

Half of the EUR 10 entry fee from the night at the Dirty Dancing club on Sunday will go towards paying some of Godin’s legal costs.

The entarteur has to find EUR 7,500 to cover fines and court and legal expenses after he was sentenced for flanning the former French interior minister Jean-Pierre Chevenement in March 2002.

Belgian celebrities like singers Plastic Bertrand and Jeff Bodart and writer Stefan Liberski were among those at the party to show their support for Godin, whose pie targets have included Microsoft´s Bill Gates (on a visit to Belgium in 1998), designer Karl Lagerfeld and US singer Kenny Rogers.

Godin is probably the best-known entarteur in the world and has plenty of fans in his home Belgium where he has even stood in national elections with his party TARTE – an acronym for All Drunk Let’s Party Together.

A donation of EUR 1 was made to Godin’s cause for every beer sold on Sunday at the club, as well as the profits of an auction.

The clapboard of the film Podium and the knickers of singer Lio were all sold to raise more cash for Godin.

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