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Brussels minister pledges to punish racist employers

17 March 2005

BRUSSELS – Brussels Employment Minister Benoit Cerexhe has pledged a crackdown on racist recruitment practices.

His promise follows a study earlier this month that revealed half of all foreigners looking for work in the Brussels region have experienced some form of discrimination. 

Turks and Moroccans are most likely to be discriminated against by employers, according to the statistics gathered by the VUB and ULB universities.

Cerexhe has presented a six-point action plan to combat the problem.

Top of the proposed action is to put enough means at the disposal of the Brussels authorities to regularly study discrimination in the workplace.

The minister wants to commission more studies and reports on the problem.

The Brussels region will also launch an education campaign for high schools to educate pupils about their right of access to work.

Part of the plan will also be to actively promote employment opportunities to the target groups that face the most discrimination.

Language courses will be promoted through a voucher system and by making more courses available.

Cerexhe launched a business diversity charter on Wednesday where signatories pledge to promote pluralism and diversity in recruitment and through good career management.

The minister also hopes to build up a network of employers who are willing to mentor young people to help them develop their career.

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