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Brussels Government axes regional and agglomeration tax

Published on 12/11/2014

The Brussels Finance Minister Guy Vanhengel (Open VLD) has announced the abolition of two taxes that are only levied in the capital.

The agglomeration tax and the regional tax are both being axed. The decision is good news for people with property in the Belgian and Flemish capital that also have their domicile here.

People who own property in Brussels but don’t have their domicile here will pay more property tax like all other property owners in the capital, but weren’t paying the two other taxes to start off with. They will be worse off.

Property tax in Brussels will rise as the abolition of the two other taxes has to be compensated, but because the tax is paid by people with a domicile in Brussels and people living outside the Brussels Region the hike will not cancel out the full amount of tax currently paid as agglomeration tax and regional tax by people living in the capital.

Property owners with a Brussels domicile will be better off.


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