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Brussels fireworks display is dangerous


The fire service says that insufficient safety distances are being observed.

The fire service has advised against staging the fireworks display at this location, but the organisers do not intend to take any notice of this non-binding advice.


The fire service was asked to examine safety issues at the location where the New Year’s Eve fireworks display is being organised.

The fire service’s Eric Labourdette: “We studied the situation and came to the conclusion that it was dangerous. We’re strongly advising against the staging of a fireworks display here.”

The City of Brussels and Brussels Major Events (BME), a not-for-profit organisation, do not plan to abandon the display. BME’s Olivier Mees told the daily Le Soir: “An event with so many people together is never without risk, but safety will be guaranteed.”

The fire service’s Eric Labourdette believes that by getting BME to organise the event the city authorities are shirking their responsibility.


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