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Brussels Airlines unions call for Ebola precautions

Published on 15/10/2014

The trade unions indicate that there is a lack of procedures in cases of suspected Ebola patients.

Brussels Airlines is the only European airline still operating in West Africa. The staff has been concerned about the situation for a while and the trade unions are now requesting the management to take action.

“If someone becomes ill during the flight, this person needs to be quarantined. In reality, this is very difficult”, says Liberal trade union (ACLVB) spokesman Thierry Vuchelen.

There are certain procedures that need to be followed in the case of a suspected Ebola victim on-board.

The plane needs to be quarantined after arrival and a doctor has to check all passengers and staff. According to Mr Vuchelen, there are no further procedures in place at the airport.

Since August, staff members can refuse to fly to the stricken areas.


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