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Brussels Airlines leaves 200 air passengers in Dakar

Published on 05/04/2007

Thursday 5 April 2007

The Belgian airline company Brussels Airlines left 200 passengers to fend for themselves after their flight between Banjul (Gambia), Dakar (Senegal) and Zaventem was cancelled on Wednesday night.

Flight SN 236 was due to take off at 10.50 pm but at 9.00 pm. The passengers were informed that the flight was delayed by 90 minutes.

Shortly after midnight (local time) the passengers were told that the aircraft was faulty and that it would take at least a day to repair. The 200 economy-class passengers were ordered to wait until further notice.

This triggered a heated discussion, during which the representative of Brussels Airlines suddenly ran off, leaving the passengers to their fate. His employees told the passengers to find themselves a hotel in Dakar. They were also told that Brussels Airlines might possibly pay back the hotel expenses.

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