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Brussels Airlines cabin personnel agreement

Published on 05/04/2007

Thursday 5 April 2007

Airline unions and management concur on collective labour agreement

BRUSSELS – The unions and management of the airline company Brussels Airlines have settled a Collective Labour Agreement for their cabin personnel. The deal was concluded late on Wednesday and the personnel were informed on Thursday.

In the case of the pilots, the management proposal is still subject to a referendum. The result is expected by April 25.

The reduction of the rotation period from 40 to 30 minutes on certain routes was a particular bone of contention. This new rotation time will stay in force, but in return for certain benefits, such as guarantees on income, the promise of a new assessment system and food-vouchers on European flights, emphasised Anita Van Hoof, the union representative.

The progress achieved for cabin-crew was not emulated for pilots. The C.L.A. for pilots will be subject to a referendum in the coming weeks. Starting next week, the referendum forms will be sent out. Votes will be counted on April 25.

The new rotation period was not in line with the C.L.A. at Brussels Airlines and the unions had taken the matter to the court in Brussels. The court will issue its verdict on Friday.

Brussels Airlines cabin personnel had been opposing the reduction since the launch of the new company. It is not yet clear whether these actions will now be abandoned.

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