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Brochure on homosexuality aimed at adolescents

Published on 03/05/2005

3 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Coming out to your friends and family as a gay teenager is never easy, but a new French-language brochure aims to help young gay people do just that.

‘Le Monde de William’ (The World of William), published by a not for profit group called Ex Aequo, is a comic strip interspersed with the testimonies of real people.

“All teenagers have certain phases of development in common,” said Nancy Peltier, who is overseeing the marketing and distribution of the brochure.

“(But) those who raise questions about their own sexual orientation find themselves in particularly acute situations of vulnerability,” she added.

Young gays and lesbians could be even more susceptible than their peers to depression and even suicide.

‘The World of William’ will provide addresses and information for gay teens.

Created by cartoonist Marco Paulo and writer Thierry Robberecht, it tells the tale of a gay teenager named William who has decided to come out.

It draws upon interviews with about a dozen young gay people ranging in age from 17 to 20.

The brochure will be distributed free of charge in different venues frequented by youth, including youth information centres, youth organizations and family planning centres.

Some 900 posters will also be put up in public places including bus and metro stops in Brussels and Walloonia.

To obtain a free copy of the French-language brochure, call 0800-20000.

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