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Bored firemen suspected of arson

Published on 27/04/2007

27 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Three firemen from Limbourg (Eupen) and another resident were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of deliberately setting a fire. Partial confessions have been made to police.

On the night of 25 September 2006 the four men reportedly set a cargo truck on fire on the training lot of a driving school in Limbourg. The three firemen were on call that night and felt that time was passing too slowly. That is why they reportedly decided to set a fire.

The three firemen and one of their friends first tried to set fire to some bushes, but when this didn’t work one of the men proposed getting some petrol from home to facilitate the process. Once the truck was on fire they returned home in order to come extinguish the fire once it was reported.

On 19 April the fire chief admitted that three of his men had started the fire. He had gathered this from information outside of the brigade. The four were arrested.

The authorities in Verviers are not ruling out that they may have been responsible for more fires in the area.

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