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Bizarre story about disappearance

The missing human rights campaigner Waris Dirie was recognised by a policeman in Brussels Friday evening. She was in the company of a man. The man, referred to as the ‘window washer’ disclosed his story in different Sunday newspapers.

The 45 year old man, who reportedly works as a  window washer, says he saw Waris Dirie the first time Thursday afternoon in his regular pub in central Brussels. At that moment the UN ambassador had been missing for more than 24 hours.

The man claims he did not know who she was, but saw her in the same pub again Friday. He says that he decided to ‘try his luck’ as he explains, and asked her if she wanted to drink something.

"She wanted a glass of red wine and that’s how we started talking," the window washer told the Sunday Nieuwsblad. When Ms Dirie said she was hungry, he suggested cooking for her at his flat.

They went shopping for the ingredients, says the man, and as they were walking to the his flat, they were stopped and questioned by a plain clothes police officer.

The officer had recognised the woman who had gone missing and he took the two to the police station for further questioning.  The man was released after 4 hours.  He explained the 4 hours by saying, "It’s normal, I have a police record."

Waris Dirie, has given little explanation as to her whereabouts or what she did during the period between the early hours of Wednesday morning and Friday evening when was found.

Speaking at press conference on Saturday morning she would only say that she had not been the victim of any violence.

She added that she had wandered round Brussels for two and a half days and had slept in the lobbies of several hotels.

As she didn’t have any money, the former model and James Bond girl was allegedly unable to pay for a room or food during her two-and-a-half-day disappearance.