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Bird flu measures to be relaxed next week

Published on 09/12/2005

9 December 2005

BRUSSELS — Belgian measures to ward off the threat of bird flu will be relaxed next week now that the autumn migratory period has passed.

The federal food agency said on Thursday Health Minister Rudy Dmotte’s decision is based on a thorough risk analysis and the measures that the EU is prepared to accept.

The compulsory lock-up order for poultry owned by members of the public in risk areas will therefore be lifted from 15 December.

However, the food agency urged the public to still feed their birds indoors and to avoid contact between domesticated poultry and wild birds.

Professional poultry farmers in risk areas will still need to keep their birds indoors. However, these measures will also be relaxed somewhat.

The birds are to be allowed outside, but must be cordoned off from wild birds, either by wire mesh or netting.

At feeding time, the same rules applied to private poultry owners will apply to professional poultry farmers also.

Markets and shows of poultry, pigeons and other birds will be allowed over the winter months if special supervisory measures are taken.

The anti-bird flu measures are expected to be tightened again next year prior to the start of the spring migratory period.

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