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Belgium’s ‘most wanted’ back in police custody

Published on 16/08/2004

16 August 2004

BRUSSELS –  Belgium’s ‘most wanted’ criminal Nordine Ben Allal was back behind bars after police apprehended him Sunday evening in downtown Brussels, according to Belgian press reports Monday.

The arrest came just two days after the 25-year-old convicted felon injured two police officers following a pre-dawn chase in Molenbeek on Friday.

In June, Allal was sentenced to 27 years in prison for a series of violent crimes committed between April and June 2000 including armed robbery and car jacking.

Allal has escaped from custody three times in the past four years. In the most recent attempt, he broke out of Nivelles prison south of Brussels after an accomplice tossed him a rope.

On Sunday, Allal was discovered hiding in the boot of a car driven by an accomplice who had been under police surveillance. Although the Allal was armed when apprehended, police were able to make the arrest before he could use his firearm.

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