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Belgium welcomes low fat frites

15 February 2005

BRUSSELS – Slimming giant Weightwatchers has launched a new range of low-fat chips onto the frite-loving Belgian market.

The chips, which have three times fewer calories than a normal french fry, are aimed at dieters who want to shed the pounds without having to give up all their favourite foods.

The brand cuts down on calories by coating the chips in a special substance that stops the potato absorbing a lot of fat when fried.

The special chips also come pre-fried in a lower fat sunflower oil.

According to recently released figures, 100g of normal chips contains 400 calories, while 100g of the Weightwatchers version contains just 124 calories.

This amounts to 2.5 points on the Weightwatchers diet plan, which allows a certain number of points on a daily basis.

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