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Home News Belgium welcomes first snow as winter starts early

Belgium welcomes first snow as winter starts early

Published on 21/11/2013

In Wallonia, the snowfall was more general, especially in the higher parts of Ardennes region (photos taken in Lierde, in the Flemish Ardennes).

Belgium welcomes first snow as winter starts early

Winter only starts on 1 December, but the first snow this autumn came just 10 days earlier, on 20 November. Yesterday evening, a cold wind blew in fresh rain, which turned into snow in parts of West and East Flanders first. The Flemish Ardennes region, south of Ghent, had 2 to 3 centimetres of snow. In cities like Brussels or Ghent, the impact was a lot smaller as it was mostly sleet that melted immediately as it hit the ground.

The snow that stayed, will melt during the course of the day as temperatures will climb to 5 degrees Celsius. It’s a different story for higher parts of Belgium in Wallonia, where the landscapes could keep their white jacket. In the following days, it should stay dry but rather grey and gloomy, with temperatures of 4 to 7 Celsius in Flanders and around zero in the Ardennes. All this is topped with a cold north-easterly wind.

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