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Belgium wants Els L. extradited

Published on 07/06/2007

7 June 2007

BRUSSELS – The Belgian justice authorities are going to ask the Netherlands to extradite Els L. The woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison in December for the murder of her wealthy husband Ran Biemans. After her conviction she “fled” to the Netherlands, say justice officials in Antwerp.

Els L. was not put in prison after her conviction last year because she appealed the court decision. That appeal was rejected and the woman was supposed to report to the prison in Antwerp this week. She has failed to do so however.

She has been staying with family north of the border and wants to serve her sentence in the Netherlands. The woman has always denied killing her husband.

Biemans’ throat was cut while he slept one night in 1998. His wife was sleeping beside him at the time but claims that she didn’t notice anything happening because she had ear-plugs in.

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