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Belgium tops cost-of-living league

Published on 07/01/2005

7 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgium is more expensive than other European countries, a new study by the consumer organisation Test-Achats has revealed.

The survey compared prices of 346 products in 55 cities spread among 13 countries.

Belgian cities accounted for 9 of the 10 localities judged to be most expensive, and in no category did Belgium rank as the cheapest.

As for product categories, videos, audio equipment and DVDs were found to be most expensive in Belgium.

DVDs were found to cost the most in the city of Bastogne, a town of about 13,000 in the Ardennes about 30 kilometres north of Arlon.

In part, the researchers found the introduction of the euro in 2001 has been to blame for an increase in prices, from a 5 percent rise in fast food prices to a 55 percent rise in parking metre rates.

Still, a bulk of the Belgian population – 83 percent – is in favour of the common currency, while 15 percent are still feeling nostalgic about the Belgian franc, European Commission research shows.

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